Mr. Throwback Thursday: Space Jam Edition

Mr. Throwback started selling in January, 2012. He loved it so much that he wanted to do it full time. Within a year, he had opened his own store in the East Village (at 9th and 1st), and has been there ever since.

This column is where Mr. Throwback goes through his extensive collection and revisits an iconic moment in pop culture, reflected through the clothes, shoes, or accessories from the time. This week he looks at his favorite film of all time, Space Jam. Share with him your greatest Space Jam treasures and follow him on Instagram, @mrthrowbacknyc.

I am a massive hoarder. I collect bad NBA Champion Jerseys like Wang Zu Zu or Georghe Muresan. I really enjoy people when they stop me in the street just to say "Why in the heck are you wearing that jersey?" Well, why the heck not? The players that weren't so great in the league happen to have rarer jerseys. But on the topic of jerseys: I am a large collector/hoarder of Space Jam jerseys and other Space Jam-related items

I mean, Michael Jordan, the greatest player of all time mixed with the Looney Tunes—Bugs, Taz, Tweety, etcetera? What's better than that? (Maybe a hot pretzel from Wrigley Field with vanilla icing and a Slurpee.) But seriously: When anything Space-Jam-related walks through my door and it fits me, I'm keeping.

This movie came out in 1996, when Chicago was so damn good that they had the greatest season record ever: 72-10 and Dennis Rodman was rocking purple, green, white, yellow hair.

I love Space Jam so much my wife and I wore custom Jordan 11s to our wedding and came out to the Space Jam theme song, "Everybody Get Up It's Time to Slam Now."

Champion had the license to produce these rare jerseys in 1996, and companies today are producing fake, aka bootleg, jerseys, which I am not a fan of; the authentic jerseys are screenprinted and they only came out in white, except the "Monstars" jerseys. Anyone wearing a stitched-on black Jordan jersey from Space Jam is wearing a fake piece of history. (I do not approve.)

I own Michael Jordan #23 (no name on jersey), Tweety (#1/3), Taz (#!), Sylvester (#9), Daffy (#2), and Bugs (#1). Supposedly they only made Lola bunny in Youth sizes, and my sexy body isn't fitting  any youth jerseys any time soon.

I also have an original 1996 Space Jam box of Wheaties that people try to buy from me everyday. (Haven't eaten the cereal yet)

If you grew up in the '90s, then this movie has a special place in your heart and I think this is the best way to start Mr. Throwback Thursday, as it shows who Mr. Throwback really is: a 32-year-old man (child) attached to his childhood memories. Which is pretty much the basis of our store.

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