Mr. Throwback Thursday: Vintage Snapbacks and Why I Loved “Boy Meets World”

Mr. Throwback started selling in January, 2012. He loved it so much that he wanted to do it full time. Within a year, he had opened his own store in the East Village (at 9th and 1st), and has been there ever since.

This column is where Mr. Throwback goes through his extensive collection and revisits an iconic moment in pop culture, reflected through the clothes, shoes, or accessories from the time. This week he looks at one of his favorite TV shows, Boy Meets World. Share with him your greatest Boy Meets World memories and follow him on Instagram, @mrthrowbacknyc/@mr.tnyc.

I couldn't wait for Boy Meets World.

This show was really relatable for me because I wasn't the smartest kid in class. Between Cory, Shawn, and Eric, they always figured out ways to get out of assignments.

I think having the principal living next door also helped. Mr. Feeny, what wisdom you gave us. Thank you.

I'm not a Philly sports fan, but Cory Matthews had one hell of a snapback collection.

Some of the hats Cory wore include a lot of Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Flyers—it was all Philly cause that's where they were from. The coaches and the NFL players wore them so when you were a kid you wanna be just like them.

Owning a vintage store helps me hoard dope vintage snapbacks. (You can check out my hoarding on my personal Instagram page, @mr.tnyc—shameless plug.) When we were kids we would only wear these hats with the snapback on them, and now they're so popular, people are coming in the shop asking for them. Hats are our number-one seller. So the fact he had them in his room—and my store is really just like a child's bedroom—just watching that show, I loved it. He had swag. He wore cool stuff. That's why it's so relatable. Really, what we're doing is bringing back your childhood bedroom.

My favorite episode is when Corey asks Shawn and Eric how to get girls. I picked up a lot of chicks on AOL back in the day (a/s/l/pic?)

Catfish was real in the '90s.

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