In the past few weeks, Twitter has been gifting us with what is perhaps the most 2016 thing on the Internet: kids dabbing to lyrics of “Hey Jude,” grown men performing autotuned rap covers of Taylor Swift and Vanessa Carlton songs, and a handful of absolute savages making ratchet versions of children’s songs from High School Musical and ’90s cartoons that could easily be Future’s next singles. They’re called #TrapCovers—well-known pop songs and classic hits transformed into trap bangers—and when we discovered this bizarre and hilarious dimension of the Internet, we decided to make some trap “covers” of our own.

We drafted illustrators Bnard Rollins and Art Goon to create a bundle of covers for classic albums—with a trap twist that is.

This series is brought to you by Mountain Dew Black Label, a “deeper darker Dew” made with real sugar, crafted dark berry flavor, and herbal bitters. Like the trap covers, which refine delicate tunes into bolder renditions, Black Label is also boldly refined — giving a classic bold Dew flavor a sophisticated twist for the gentleman in you.

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