Naturel Has Created These Limited Edition Mtn Dew Cans Featuring Russell Westbrook

The 2015 NBA season is upon us! To celebrate, NBA sponsor Mtn Dew is breathing new life into its artists series, this year tapping Naturel to create a series of limited-edition cans featuring DEW athlete, NBA LIVE 2016 cover star, and the league’s “Most Memorable Player,” Russell Westbrook.

With the MTN DEW and MTN DEW: Code Red® cans as his latest canvas, Naturel brings his fragmented, tessellated style to a series of limited edition 16oz cans.

For the green MTN DEW can, Naturel has put together a geometric portrait of a smiling Westbrook sporting his trademark red frames. For the limited edition Code Red® cans, Naturel puts the many faces of Westbrook on display, along with depictions of his red frames and a basketball graphic to bring the three collaborative parties together.

Look out for these in a store near you!


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