English Billionaire is Building The World’s First Multi-Story Skatepark

UK billionaire Roger De Haan has commissioned construction for the world's first multi-story skatepark in the hopes of keeping young people content in the small town of Folkestone, England.

According to unveiled design plans, this multi-story skatepark will be an extravagant, futuristic structure that will leave skateboarders and civilians in awe. When it's finished, skaters and other types of "urban sports" aficionados will be able to skate, BMX, scooter or rollerblade around on the top floor of the structure with a five meter drop. The top floor will connect with the lower levels via a series of ramps and an elevator (who's really going to use the elevator in a multi-story skatepark?), so that athletes can move up and down the complex freely. The lower levels are filled with curving concrete ramps, ledges, and moguls that will be encased in a metal mesh.

The building does sound a little dangerous though, but in an interview with Dezeen magazine the skatepark's architect, Guy Holloway, said he's doing everything in his power to keep the kids safe. "We’re shrouding our children in what feels like rubber to protect them all the time, but I think—as the world becomes safer—a controlled adrenaline facility is what people will demand.”

It's not quite clear how much it will cost to use this one-of-a-kind multi-story skatepark, but Holloway's website claims local youth will be able to utilize it under "heavily subsidized rates."

This skatepark is scheduled to be finished by 2017 and also features a rock climbing wall, a café, and a first-aid office.

Images: Guy Holloway


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