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Music Factories: The Most Notable Recording Studios in the World

Pick up your favorite CD right now, and you’ll notice in the fine print of the liner notes all the details of how that project was brought to life. You may notice the producers who pieced the instrumentals together, a featured guest or two that swung through to spit a quick 16, or even the long thank you list that has become a running tradition in the music industry. What you may have overlooked, though, is the recording studio they cooked up the magic in. When it’s all said and done, a song wouldn’t exist — at least in the clarity and high quality you guys are used to — without an amazing recording studio to lay it down in. The booths of these landmark locations are the origins to some of today’s classic hits on wax. From the “platinum sound” coming out of New York City to a sunny studio in the heart of Memphis, get familiar with 10 of the most notable recording studios in the world.

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