Mylo App Wants To Be Your Pocket Personal Stylist

Every time I need to get dressed for an important engagement, I get stressed out. Is this cardigan top casual? Should I wear a blazer, or will I be over-dressed? Will someone else rock the Yeezy 3’s or can I finally take mine out of the box? These are the questions I ask myself over and over again until I just decide to stay home and watch Netflix. Getting dressed shouldn’t be this frustrating. If I could afford a stylist to handle this type of stuff, believe me, I’d hire one.

As it turns out, this app Mylo, says it performs all of the same duties as a stylist. It seems super easy to use. When you open the app you choose one of four styles: casual, business casual, contemporary, or trendy. Then a few basic staple items will appear, like a grey crewneck, or white sneakers. Choose which items you own and Mylo will suggest an outfit. If you don’t own one of the pieces that you see, Mylo has curated a lineup of classics that can be purchased right from the app (there are some cool discounts, too).

You can also tell Mylo what type of event you’re headed to and what the weather’s like; if you sync your weather with the app, it will refine the selections automatically.

If you’re still having trouble deciding exactly which fit to wear, a real live stylist will appear on the app and talk you through it.

Mylo is supposed to be launching soon, and you can sign up for the app here.

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