Nas Presents “Shake the Dust”

A new documentary by Adam Sjöberg, called Shake the Dust, takes a look at the global impact of the b-boy and b-girl culture.

Executive produced by Nas, the film focuses on b-boy communities in countries like Colombia, Yemen, Uganda, and Cambodia. It is in these corners of the globe that the true spirit of hip-hop lives on, and the documentary shows how breaking is still used as a means of escape, if only for a moment, the ill circumstances that life may create. Using self-expression and your inherent gifts is as hip-hop as it gets.

Breaking originated in the city of New York during the 1970s amongst its African American and Puerto Rican populations. Over the course of the ’70s and ’80s, it rose in popularity resulting in tours, films, and more. With its complex and stunning movements it seemingly defied reality and became one of the most popularized forms of dance, spreading from coast to coast in the United States and then internationally. It would become a language of battle and a language of unity that transcended national and international boundaries.

Now there are TV shows dedicated to it and global competitions that pit the best in the world against each other. While the recognition is appreciated, it’s best to never forget that breaking originated in the streets, and for those in the slums around the world that is where it still thrives.

You can rent or purchase the documentary here.

Image: Bond360

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