Skater lands NBD 900 Shove-It at Woodward Camp

A few days ago while partaking in a session at the Woodward Skate Camp, the skater known as @Scooby_Lovee on Instagram nailed this seemingly impossible trick.

A video posted by Camp Woodward (@woodwardcamp) on

Tony Hawk is known for what he did for the 900, but we’re pretty sure there’ll be another name thrown into the hat of amazing skate feats; while most of us can only handle an 180° or 360° Shove-It, Akindelé dropped jaws across the web and at the skatepark with what he did.

If you’re not convinced that he did this unthinkable NBD then peep the slow-motion edit below also:

For y’all that wanted it slowed down #metroskateboarding @metroskateboarding A video posted by Earnest Akindelè Teamer (@scooby_lovee) on

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