New Video from Ludo: “Chaos Theory”

Last summer, Paris-based contemporary artist Ludo took the streets of Thailand as part of a series of global street expeditions.

"Thailand's capital was an obvious choice to hit for many reasons," he says. "First, because the city is not over saturated at all with art on walls. That makes it a new, interesting place to discover and a virgin land to cover."

Perhaps more important was his second reason: "The endless chaos. The unlimited mix of noises, smells, and colors."

He showcased all these things in his new film, The Chaos Theory, a video created as a way to push his exhibition of the same name at Lazarides Gallery.

As for possible reasons behind the chaos in the world, Ludo says this: "Disorder creates order or order motivates our disorganization."

Check out the full video here.

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