Nick Heller Aims to Preserve the Charm of New York City

Nicolas Heller has just released the first episode of his “ode to the Old New York,” No Your City. Now in its second season, his viral series pays homage to the weird, eccentric, and unique New Yorkers that are the fibers of the colorful tapestry that we all either loathe or love.

Season Two of the series is a departure from the first; Nick notes that folks found his first season to be “a little too hipster-ish,” so for this one he set out to capture a more “OG” side of New York City.

Speaking of “OGs,” the new season was also inspired by Clayton Patterson, another Gotham documentarian. At the start of filming, Nick met up with Patterson and they bonded over a city that they felt they were both losing.

“New York is losing its charm…Clayton expressed that he felt the same way, recounting how it used to be an inexpensive haven for artists to live and their only worry had to do with creating. Now the city is full of transplants and it’s a struggle just to find affordable living.” This was a sentiment felt by many who remember the old and grimy New York, free of artisan donut and cupcake shops–the NYC that pre-dates Giuliani, and the pristine, street performer-less version of Times Square.

With the second season of the web series, Heller hopes to preserve some of the charm of the city he grew up loving. While the series, at its inception, was tailored for New Yorkers, he hopes to tap into “the weird” that the rest of the nation’s cities has to offer and is set on taking his concept nationally.

He has revealed that the series will be eight episodes long, the episodes will be shorter than the first season, and hopefully to the delight of first season detractors that this go-around will be a tad bit more controversial.

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