“No Man’s Sky” Is an Infinite Universe

Sean Murray and his independent game development studio, Hello Games, may have created an endless universe with No Man’s Sky, a neon-tinged exploration game on an enormous scale.

There are 264 massive planets to travel, and they all feature different animals, resources, colors, and landscapes. Supposedly the game’s so authentic that each point of light that appears on the screen is a planet or star, probably undiscovered by any other player, perfect for exploration and mining.

There’s no way that you could complete No Man’s Sky in one sitting. It’s so enormous that it would most likely take a single player hundreds, maybe thousands, of years to complete. However, it fits just fine on Playstation 4, and it’s coming to PC, too. This is all made possible by generated content. Everywhere the player goes, No Man’s Sky crafts a universe around that character. Once the player leaves the area, it disappears on a processing-power level, but you can always go back to it by flying or walking back in that direction. It’s a difficult game to develop, to say the least.

No Man’s Sky is similar to Minecraft in terms of starting from scratch and mining a planet for resources, then building on new elements to make bigger and better weapons and gadgets; it’s unique in that every creature, element and planet that you find gets placed on a grid in your own digital encyclopedia. Also, if you cause harm to any of the creatures on a planet, No Man’s Sky has a “wanted meter” that calls in deadly robotic security forces to come after you, kind of like Grand Theft Auto. So don’t just go to a new planet and kill for sport (don’t do this if you go to a new planet in real life, either).

As of now, there’s no release date for No Man’s Sky, but hopefully it will be hitting shelves by the end of the year. Discovering new planets and creatures on the couch is easily the best way to spend Christmas vacation.

Image: Playstation

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