Nosaj Thing Shows Why He Deserves to Be Part of the New Guard in Chance the Rapper-Assisted Track

To say LA artist Nosaj Thing is pushing the envelope of electronic music underestimates him: he’s taking the envelope, writing a message on the inside of it, and giving it to NASA to send to another planet. This dude isn’t mimicking anyone else, and his new track, “Cold Stares” featuring Chance the Rapper and Chicago‘s beloved O’My’s, is just more evidence that everyone needs to get hip to him– immediately.

“Cold Stares” is sincere, soft, but, most importantly, it’s simple. Nosaj Thing, born Jason Chung, is able to scale back on all of the extra noise that is so prominent in today’s music, and deliver a song that’s straightforward and genuine. “The soul of a song, the essence of a song – whatever you want to call it – should be simple,” Nosaj Thing says. With “Cold Stares,” Nosaj Thing made it as simple as possible, and, big surprise, it worked.

Chicago MC Chance the Rapper didn’t disappoint on this track, either. Taking a more serious tone, Chance the Rapper reflects on everything from lying in an empty bed, forgetting how to do something as simple as spooning, to possessive demons. His flow is somewhat lackadaisical, but it works perfectly with Nosaj Thing’s relaxed beat.

“Cold Stare” is on Nosaj Thing’s upcoming album, Fated, due out May 5 via Innovative Leisure. Guest features are practically non-existent, except for Chance, and vocals from Whoarei. And it’s looking like this album is especially personal for him, or at least the title is.

“The album name came from all these coincidences that just kept on happening to me,” Nosaj Thing said. “Specific interaction with specific people in unexpected places. A perpetual feeling of déjà vu.”

Listen to “Cold Stares” and check out the tracklist for Nosaj Thing’s upcoming album, Fated.

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