ODiN Is the World’s First Projection Mouse

Working on your computer all day and night is awful for your hands. Whether you’re using a mouse or a trackpad, it’s a cause of carpal tunnel and immense physical pain in your wrists. However, it’s not like you can communicate with your co-workers via pictures and hand-written memos. Now it looks like we have an alternative.

ODiN is the world’s first laser projection mouse interface. It has all of the same functionalities as your trackpad or mouse, but ODiN allows your wrist to comfortably sit on the table or desk so your shoulder and arm muscles can take a break.

ODiN also supports multipoint controls. This basically means that within the 8cm x 8cm area that is your working space, or “mouse” if you will, you only need—at most—two fingers to click, scroll, or drag. According to its Kickstarter page, the ODiN is very responsive and doesn’t have any glitches, either. It can be connected to your USB port so it doesn’t need to be charged, and it weighs only 40 grams. Perfect for people who work on the road.

There are some cool features that come with the first laser projection mouse interface, too. For example, the triangular runic symbol that ODiN projects out is a user-defined “button” that can take you to a specific software program or to your desktop. You can program the “button” to do whatever you want.

The biggest issue I see with the ODiN is that it’s ugly. It comes in three colors, black, silver and green, but it’s the device’s shape that’s the problem. New technology is typically sleek, sexy and cool; ODiN looks like the head of a disfigured Transformer. However, that hasn’t stopped people from supporting the campaign; ODiN has more than doubled its crowdfunding goal and, according to their Kickstarter page, is about to head into mass production.

I’ll be honest: I’m not sure I’m ready to forgo my trackpad for lasers just yet. It’s a great idea with wonderful health benefits, but I refuse to carry Optimus Prime’s head whenever I want to check out some gifs.



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