Official Batman: Arkham Night Trailer

Rocksteady has finally released the highly anticipated trailer for Batman: Arkham Night, the conclusion to their Batman: Arkham Trilogy.

“As Scarecrow unites the Rogues Gallery, including Two-Face, The Penguin, the Riddler, the Arkham Knight, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, they bring all-out war as they try to take down The Dark Knight, and claim Gotham City as their own,” Rocksteady explains.

Kotaku was quick to discover that the trailer had a mystery hidden within it in the form of three codes. “The codes were found near Harley’s leg at the beginning of the trailer, when Batman first meets Poison Ivy and when the Scarecrow stares down the camera at the end.”

Each one contained a mix of numbers along with upper and lowercase letters which had fans slightly confused.

SixSided came to the rescue and offered up a solution to those who don’t mind spoilers.

“The key thing to notice was that the ciphers only contained letters used in the names of the characters, which people had already noticed, but more importantly that the numbers only came after letters that occurred MORE THAN ONCE in the name. This doesn’t account for the lowercase / uppercase, but after trying a few things I found taking the name in lower then upper and lining it up with the alphabet like so worked nice. From here you then take the cipher text, and pick out the letter below, taking the Nth occurrence if it was followed by a number. For example ‘c’ -> ‘I’, ‘n3’ -> ‘L'”

According to both sites once you figure out the key you’re left with a series of questions and answers for each character that can be plugged into the official website’s Persons of Interest section to unlock their character descriptions.

The Batman: Arkham Night will be released on June 2, 2015.

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