Olivier Fanchon Highlights Skating in Paris With “Vicious Circle”

Olivier Fanchon has been behind a number of films set in Paris, a city that has been called both the “City of Light” and the “City of Love.” In his latest piece he makes use of both by illuminating the love of skateboarding that transcends all boundaries and borders.

With Paris as the backdrop, Fanchon’s “Vicious Circle” skate film features up-and-coming skateboarders Yoan Taillandier, Greg Cuadrado, Lucien Clarke, Karl Salah, Sam Partaix, Vincent Touzery, Leo Valls, Oscar Candon, Remy Taveira, Daniel Ledermann, and Juan Esteban Saavedra laying down some clean lines and hammers in the French capital. In addition to some quality skating, “Vicious Circles” shows off the architecture that has made Paris one of the most visited cities on the planet, as well as additional shots of the French countryside.

This is the second time this year French skate films have made it onto our radar. In February, Larry Clark released The Smell of Us, yet another film about idyllic/disillusioned skater kids, but this time set in Paris (which led many to call it the French Kids). Along with the sale of some dirt-cheap, grungy photo one offs in LA sales (see here), Clark also released a commemorative TSOU sneaker, which you can peep here.

But Clark is not French, and Fanchon is. You can see more of his work on his Vimeo page, in addition to some of his other brand-oriented works mixed with some short films. But this may be the most polished of his pieces.

While this is primarily a short, it still serves as a window into the filmmaker’s aesthetic appreciation of all that the city of Paris has to offer. It’s a quick one, so you’ll probably run it back a few times to get a good look at everything, but you don’t see us complaining.

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