On Deck: Introducing AllTimers

Might as well call this brand the king of quirk, because AllTimers is taking pop culture iconography to the streets in a way this industry has never seen before.

Think boards in the shape of asymmetrical Lamborghinis, stacks of cash on LV bags, or Rihanna and Marisa Tomei. It’s all part of the New York-based brand’s cryptic commentary on society. “They’re gonna ride on me,” Tomei laughed on Conan recently (with a hint of pride).

AllTimers has also been busy crafting ironic movies depicting hilarious scenarios (a pontificating skate impresario trash-talking his contemporaries; a mock Shark Tank montage), and most recently released an 8-minute video celebrating New York City garbage featuring Alex Olson, Cyrus Bennett and Max Palmer, among others. Add hats, hoodies and t-shirts to the mix and yeah, you’ll wanna ride this brand all right.

Shark Tank Spot from Alltimers on Vimeo.

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