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An Oral History of the Diamond Supply Co. x Nike SB Tiffany Dunk

The release of the Tiffany Dunk was a still point in the turning world of street culture. Easily transcending the ceremonious hysteria generated by a large majority of sneaker releases, this Holy Grail of footwear arrived as a collaborative effort from Nike SB and Diamond Supply Co. that initially dropped in 2005 with around 4,000 pairs hitting shelves. Representative of a past era of sneaker culture, the Tiffany Dunks evoke desire in some, amazement in others, and admiration in all.

Referred to affectionately by sneakerheads as simply “the Tiffanys” or “the Tiffs” while being officially released under the moniker of the “Nike SB Diamond Dunk,” this model has no trouble distinguishing itself within the extensive stable of covetable sneakers over which Nike SB has boasting rights. The Tiffany Dunks are nothing short of a keystone in the sphere of limited edition SBs and sneakers in general, for that matter. Taking into account the veritable frenzy and pseudo-riot that occurred in response to the release of Staple’s Nike SB Pigeon Dunk, it seemed doubtful that the hype built on that occasion could be duplicated.

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