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2001/2002: Creation of the Bear Mop

Mikhail: I started doing the bearmop just as a doodle on a sticky pad while I was working elsewhere in the city around 2001 or 2002. Neckface started getting up for the first time, and he wasn’t really like anything most people had seen in the city at the time. It wasn’t your typical graffiti really. That’s what inspired me to start running around and putting the bearmop up in some places. Greg was into stickering a lot and we had that in common. One of the most prominent places I put it up was on Lafayette Street, and that one stayed there for I don’t know how many year. It kind of served as advertisement for the brand while we were getting started because it was right there and people were passing it. That’s the one we ended up vectorizing for our logo, but after a certain point, after we started getting in and out and doing the business, I wasn’t able to go out at night anymore and throw the bearmop up places.

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