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2004: Selling to Digital Gravel

Mikhail: I don’t know how many people remember Digital Gravel, which is still around, but DG was the spot to find cool T-shirts. You would get a newsletter from them and it would be these awesome T-shirts that nobody else had, which you wouldn’t see anywhere else. You know, they were the online spot to find this cool new stuff that you had never heard about. I remember sending them an email when we had started up, and they finally got back to us around 2004 saying that they would be willing to take the brand and wanted to know if we could come by and drop the stuff off at their DUMBO office. Digital Gravel — for like, the first few years — basically kept the brand going, because that was where we were selling the bulk of our T-shirts. We would use the site as a barometer to sort of see how popular we were because we would check the site multiple times a day to see what was selling out. We weren’t selling them in large volumes, but for us, it was thankfully eating away at our inventory, and it gave us a cash flow to create more and continue on. They were real pioneers in what they were doing.

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