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2005: SSUR Collaboration

Greg: The SSUR collaboration came out of meeting Russ at Magic. Basically, what happened was that Mike met Russ, and Russ was excited that there was another actual Russian streetwear brand owned by a Russian, so we did a collab pretty soon after that. That was huge for us beause that gave us a lot of respect. At the time, we were a new, up-and-coming brand. SSUR was and is one of the most respected New York streetwear brands. Doing a collab with SSUR was sort of like Russ giving us his blessing. It put us on and it was in the infancy of the Internet and the blog scene, so you could still do a collab like that and it would sort of send shockwaves through the whole scene.

Mikhail: He’s right. That’s when we started seeing all this interest from Japan. SSUR was really big in Japan, in part due to our collab with SSUR. We were getting these huge orders from Japan for us at the time, and that sort of sparked our interest in Japan.

Greg: One of the reasons we went to Japan was to meet with SSUR’s distributor.

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