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2007: Keep Watch

Mikhail: Really early on in our New Era relationship, we had only done Screaming Skull and this smaller hat with a Cyrillic hit and a print on it, and for whatever reason, I thought it would be really cool to see kids wearing ballcaps, but instead of a team logo, it would just be a big eye, a big bloodshot eye. That’s what it would be. That’s the logo. So this was right around when we had our first intern ever. It was Mike Jones, and he used to work out of my apartment, and I asked him, “Here, can you come up with an eye graphic?” He went to work on visualizing what the Keep Watch logo would look like. He did that, but I felt like the hat was missing something, and I was like, “Oh, this would be dope if the hat looked like it was eating you, so let’s give it an under brim where it’s like a mouth that’s eating your head.” I had our other intern, Henrik, who came from Sweden, create the mouth under brim, and that eventually became one of our most iconic designs.

Greg: The cool thing about the eyeball — aside from Mike just thinking it would be cool — was that when you look at pop culture, you can see an eyeball throughout the years in different forms. Using the eye in art and fashion has been something that has been around. I think it was time for there to be an eyeball in streetwear, and I feel like we sort of filled a void. It’s our stylized version of an eyeball. It’s like a tradition that we’re taking part of in pop culture. Sometimes people send us some other stuff that has an eyeball on it, and we’re like, “It’s just an eyeball.” [Laughs]

Mikhail: We have our specific eyeball, which looks a certain way. Its veins are a certain way. We know that eyeball when we see it, but yeah, it’s just an eyeball. God owns the copyright for that.

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