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2007: Screaming Skull

Mikhail: Nobody had a New Era hat. No brands our size had a New Era hat. Eventually, we were able to speak to somebody at New Era and they approved us doing a hat, and it was a big deal because that was kind of the first. It was a big deal getting Russ’s blessing, and now we’ve got the blessing of a multi-million, or multi-billion, dollar company to be like, “Yeah, we’ll make hats with you.”

Greg: SSUR had done a New Era hat with DC, which was probably the craziest New Era that had been done. I went to SSUR one day, and this guy Matty from New Era was there, and he was our first contact at New Era. So, again, this came partly from knowing SSUR, but with the Screaming Skull, we sort of took it to the next level. I don’t think anybody had really done an all-over print fitted yet. When they printed on the hat, they printed really heavy, so we called it bulletproof printing at the time. When it came out, people were really amped about it. It sold out immediately and then sold on eBay for like $300. It was the first time we had something sell out and then people started flipping it. It was one of our first hype pieces and showed that we could do more than graphic tees.

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