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2010: Das Racist and Other Music Releases

Mikhail: We already had the blog for a while and we put out some releases. We had the Keep Watch series that Michael Cohn had created. We were introducing our fans to great new music, and we were opening up musicians to a wider fan base. Then we took a meeting with Das Racist. Everyone knew them from the TacoBell/Pizza Hut song — they were kind of a meme at that point. We found out Heems was a fan and wanted to come by to talk, so we sat with them and they told us what they were looking to do. They really just wanted help promoting it and getting it up on the blog, and then pressing up copies for them to hand out at South by Southwest. Heems sent it over and I loved it off the bat. I still think of them as one of my favorite hip-hop acts. You either get it or you don’t, but they’re incredible. We got Mad Decent involved in getting it mastered, and that’s how they connected with Mad Decent. It got written up on NahRight and various places, and I remember waking up one morning a couple of months after the release came out and our traffic was through the roof. It was insane. I went on Pitchfork, and I saw it had been reviewed. It got a really glowing review. Music had been such an integral part of the brand, and now we had developed this platform to expose new artists and put our fans on to exciting new acts. Das Racist wasn’t the first group we did a release with, but it was the first one that people took seriously.

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