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2012: Harvey Comics Collab

Greg: The cool thing about Harvey is that it was the first real licensing that we did. We had done collabs, and things that could be seen as licensing, but there was this thing with streetwear where there has sort of been this idea that everything is a sort of flip. It’s a parody. It’s not permitted. That’s kind of been the basis for streetwear, this idea of taking something and appropriating it, re-appropriating a logo or art. It’s almost like a version of found art. We started thinking about things we could do, and I think Mike threw out Harvey Comics. We reached out to them, and now they are owned by this company called Classic Media. They were so open to doing something with us, and it really opened the door for us to have interested licensers to come to us with an offer to do something. You know, Harvey Comics is kind of punk rock. They had these characters that are iconic, but just never as big as some others.

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