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2013: SpongeBob x Basel Castle

Greg: SpongeBob was awesome. They came to us, and this guy Mel from Flud had been doing stuff with Nickelodeon and SpongeBob. They had done stuff with SpongeBob before, but they really wanted him to be redrawn and reworked. They came to me and said they wanted to do something with an artist. It was my idea to use L’Amour. I showed them his stuff, and Nickelodeon loved his work. The very first sketch he did ended up being the final graphic. We had a meeting with them and the whole team loved it. They had no comments. It was awesome for us. It was a great property to be able to work with, and it was great to involve L’Amour and to bring it to Basel. That was always part of it. Nickelodeon wanted to do something at Basel Castle.

Mikhail: In the world of licensing, there are certain brand identities that don’t really want you doing much to them. They basically just want to license it out, have you put it on shirts, and collect their royalties, while there are other ones who don’t care so much. They kind of like the idea of having their properties messed with or turned into something different. Then there are ones like SpongeBob, which probably have gone as far as they can possibly go on the regular route of licensing, so now they’re branching out and trying to do cool projects to expand the brand. Licensing is a weird animal because you kind of never know what you can and can’t get away with, and everybody’s completely different, but it’s cool having these properties come to us showing interest that they want us to do something with them.

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