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Okay, so this movie went straight to VHS, but that’s what gives it its charm, and you know a movie with ‘90s stars like Seth Green, Megan Ward of P.C.U., and A.J. Langer from My So Called Life definitely invokes some nostalgia. When a few teenage friends head down to the local arcade for the launch of a new virtual reality video game called Arcade, the CEO of the gaming company is just giving out home consoles for free to all the lucky attendees. Unfortunately, they’re not actually that lucky since it turns out that players become imprisoned in the virtual world and have their minds taken over by the deadly game, which is actually haunted by an evil child ghost. By recruiting the game’s programmer to help, the teens who have not yet been compromised are able to rescue the rest of their friends, but end up also releasing the deadly ghost boy into the real world at the same time. What’s the moral of this story? When someone is suspiciously handing out gaming consoles for free, just say no!

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