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The movie Gamer takes place in the future, when technology has been implanted in people’s brains, which allows others to control their minds and bodies to use them as players in two games, Society and Slayers. Using convicts as the players with the promise that they will be released from prison if they win 30 battles, Slayers is televised to the public, who are all rooting for Gerard Butler’s character Kable, a man who has only three battles left before he meets the quota. Controlled by a spoiled and wealthy 17-year-old gamer named Simon, Kable eventually persuades his handler to let him control his own actions on the battlefield. With his own will in the game, Kable is able to escape into the free world and discovers that the creator of the mind-controlling technology actually has plans to control every human in the world. Luckily, Kable is able to bring the creator down, freeing everyone’s minds from being controlled for gaming or hostile takeover purposes.

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