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Grandma's Boy

An output of Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company, Grandma’s Boy is little more lighthearted than the other movies on this list. The movie is about a game tester named Alex, who is forced to move in with his grandmother and her two senior citizen friends after being evicted from his own place. While Alex is a bit of a slacker, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have big dreams, including developing his own video game called Demonik, which he even teaches his grandmother to play, and she becomes pretty skilled, beating several levels. His game is almost stolen by his co-worker JP, a weird nerd and self-proclaimed genius, who has actually been stealing other people’s game ideas for himself for years. Luckily, when JP tries to pass Demonik off as his own to the boss of their company, Grandma comes in to save the day, playing the game so well that it proves the game was Alex’s creation all along.

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