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This anthology horror film is comprised of four stories, one of which tells the tale of J.J. Cooney, played by Emilio Estevez, who is a video game whiz and arcade hustler. One day, he goes to the arcade to play the incredibly difficult Bishop of the Battle game, which supposedly has 13 levels, the last of which no one has ever reached. J.J. spends all day trying to get to the elusive 13th level and beat the game, but is eventually forced to leave at closing time. That night, he breaks into the arcade to continue his attempts to finish the game and finally succeeds, which you would think would be a joyous occasion. Instead, beating the game actually releases the world of Bishop of the Battle and all of its treacherous characters, including the Bishop of the Battle himself, who chases and corners J.J. in the arcade’s parking lot. The next morning, it becomes clear that J.J. has been trapped inside the game as his image appears on the screen and then transforms into a digital character.

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