Running Through the 6 in My Baby Blue Velour Tracksuit

When this new OVO collection drops, all of my text conversations are about to be like:

“Hey girl, what are you wearing tonight?”
“Head to toe baby blue velour. Obviously.”

Drake/OVO's latest lookbook just dropped, and it’s resulted in mixed opinions. Some are saying the high-end sweats are their tickets to becoming an honorary #CozyBoy; others are having flashbacks of their middle school era powder blue Sean John getups.

The fits, if we’re keeping it 100, are essentially just Juicy Couture tracksuits slapped with owl embroidery. But they’re still probably the realest offerings to come from OVO since, like, ever. While those October tees and TOPSZN beanies might get you a head nod from fellow Drizzy fans, they also look like something my six-year-old-cousin could have made on Zazzle. The brand’s S/S15 lineup may not be for everyone, but at least they’re experimenting.

And honestly, they’re suitable for any occasion. A steak dinner, a walk in the park, the gym—no matter where you choose to stunt, expect endless daps from the passersby unworthy of your godly swag. Or go the extra mile, and tie a velour sweater around the shoulders of your velour short sleeve (pictured above).


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