Completely Addictive App Paint by User Lets You Draw With People Around the World

Say goodbye to any responsibilities you had today. Internet artist Matthew Britton and tech mogul Bertie Muller just unveiled their latest creation, Paint by User, an embarrassingly addicting app that enables a group of people to draw together in realtime.

Paint by User presents anyone with an Internet connection with the same canvas, connecting you with artists (we’ll use this term loosely) from around the world. We’re not sure if the app had sophisticated intentions, but the result is far from it; upon opening the app, you’ll enter what’s pretty much an unorganized zoo of random lines and messy doodles.

Though chaotic, Paint by User will suck you in. I actually played with the app for about 20 minutes before calling it quits when one user wouldn’t stop writing “Ride with me on a unicorn” across the canvas. Maturity at its finest.

With any community on the Internet, you’ll have to beware of the trolls, but we’d still urge you to give it a go (and surrender a good chunk of your day). Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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