Palette Lets You Edit Your Photos With Knobs and Dials

For some, digitally editing photography can be a chore, but with Palette it’s about to get a lot easier.

The fledgling company is ready to start rolling out its new magnetic controller that provides photographers the ability to physically edit their work without a keyboard or mouse. Instead, you can make use of their collection of dials, sliders, and buttons for a more hands-on approach. Much like you’d choose and organize your particular paint hues on an actual palette, you can assemble and customize the magnetic dials and sliders as you see fit.

There are currently four kits available, including a starter, expert, professional, and limited “Wooden Edition.”

For those worried about what operating system Palette caters to, there’s no reason to fret: it works with both Mac and Windows and is “tightly integrated with Adobe software,” according to their website.

With all of these knobs, dials, and sliders we can see this being something A-Trak could master.

Palette has been in development for the past two years, after surpassing its initial funding goal, and is finally in production. You can pre-order Palette via their online store, and orders are expected to begin shipping out in November of this year.

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