Skate Dreams Episode 2: Paul Hart Nails a Couple of Big Ones

Episode 2 of the Skate Dreams series sees DEW team riders Theotis Beasley and Nick Tucker ride alongside and watch Tucker’s pick, Paul Hart, trying to land the coveted opening spot on the DEW rider team.

Representing Jacksonville, Hart has been skating for 16 years—pretty much his whole life. He met Tucker, like many other riders, at the skate park, and has been skating with him every day for the last year.

For many of the skaters looking to get on the DEW team, there’s the added joy of being able to ride alongside friends. Instead of letting his chances rest on friendship and connections, Hart wants to wheel the competition his way.

“P-Hart” as Beasley dubs him, impresses with tricks that even the pros have a hard time landing on their first few attempts. They close things out in the dark over a set a stairs that after several failed ollie attempts, Hart is able to land cleanly, getting the final shot of the day.

Hart raises the bar high for the other two competitors, Mikey Haywood and Aramis Hudson. Look for them to either rise to the occasion or for their DEW skate team dreams to be deferred for now.

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