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Peter Rosenberg Discusses 10 Essentials Records Everyone Should Own

Liking a song is one thing and loving a song is another thing, but if you could only listen to 10 songs for the rest of your life, which ones would you pick? That’s the ultimate level. When you need music that will literally sustain your heart, soul, and head for decades, you can’t afford to waste a single selection on anything less than true greatness.
There aren’t many people alive who have spent more time obsessively listening to music and thinking about it than Hot 97 host and media renaissance man Peter Rosenberg, so we thought he’d be the perfect guy to interview and take our 10 essential records test. From Paul Simon to Wu-Tang Clan, Rosenberg may be known as an underground hip-hop purveyor, but we guarantee you’ll be surprised by his 10 selections.

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