Phhhoto Gif App for iPhone Will Change Instagram Forever

Phhhoto is a “moving picture” mobile camera app that allows users to seize snippets of time in the form of GIF-like animations. (The app is currently still for iPhone only--no Android yet, sorry!)

The app uses a slow shutter speed to capture four images in a row, and then strings them together to a create a looping clip.

The layout is reminiscent of Snapchat and Instagram, giving users the option to apply a grid for guidance, enable a flash setting, or even set a timer.

Phhhoto encourages its users to share their creations with friends, and since it’s easily compatible with social media outlets, Phhhoto is an easy-to-use accessory for boosting your Instagram steez. You can upload your Phhhoto creations to the in-app news feed, which again is similar to that of other social platforms. You can also like and comment on your friends’ GIFS.





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