No Batteries, No Noise: Philips Unveils the Fidelio NCL1 Headphones

Dutch tech company Philips brought their A-game to CES 2015, gaining the competitive edge over Apple for the second year in a row after announcing their newest accessory for iOS devices.

Last year they one-upped Apple after introducing the first-ever noise cancelling headphones that connected to iOS device Lightning ports. This year they debuted an upgraded model that utilizes active noise cancelling and doesn’t require batteries.

The active noise cancellation turns background noise into silence when signals from four built-in microphones are inverted, and while it’s one of their main features, that’s not what everyone is buzzing about.

The upgrade that sets the them apart is that they draw power directly from the Lightning port on iOS devices, making batteries a thing of the past.

The Fidelio NC1L headphones will retail for $299. As of now Philips has not announced a release date but stay tuned.

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