This Phone Case Can Make Short Films

If you’re anything like us, that new Kendrick Lamar video probably made you want to drop everything and pursue a career in videography.

To help kick off your new venture, here’s the Lumenati CS1, the world’s first phone case that actually lets you make high-quality films with your iPhone.

It’s ideal for the unexperienced, since pretty much all you need to do is slide your phone into the case, press the capture button to start recording, and voilà, you’re a cinematographer.

It also has an interchangeable 58mm lens, so you can switch among normal, fisheye, and wide views. There’s even a low light realtime viewfinder and the option to add lights or a microphone with its integrated hot shoe mount.

Oh yeah, there’s also an app for this—the dudes at Lumenati developed an intuitive accompaniment to even further enhance your filmmaking experience.

They’re still raising funds on Kickstarter right now, so be sure to head over to their page and call dibs before they release.

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