Pintrill and Naturel Collaborate on Commemorative Biggie Collection

“A t-bone steak, cheese eggs and…”

An indelible line in hip hop canon–much like most of the lyrics spit by the late and great Notorious BIG– these words uttered by Brooklyn’s Christopher Wallace continues to inspire. It serves as an assemblage of the high and the low. Pairing a t-bone steak with the palatable elixir that is grape juice may get you a couple of high noses at the local 5 star jawn, but when you’ve gone from ashy to classy it never hurts to remember where you came from.

The line spit on Biggie’s 1994 seminal hit “Big Poppa” has inspired graphics for tees, skateboard decks, and has been replicated or imitated by countless rappers and musicians since its first utterance. Now you can even get the trademark line from the verse in pin form.

The good folks at Pintrill have collaborated with artist Lawrence “Naturel” Atoigue to produce a three piece set of pins, further immortalizing the line.

Implementing Naturel’s signature graphic style the set comes with three pins. They also come in your choice of a gold or silver finish with hard enamel.

These, of course, will be extremely limited edition with only 100 sets in gold and 100 sets in silver being made available to consumers.

If you want to get your hands on a pair then head to the Pintrill official store and place your order.

Stay on the lookout for more from Pintrill, they’ll be out in Austin for SXSW at the Green Label House for their first ever Trading Post!

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