Learn About Pintrill Before Green Label’s Pin Trading Post on Wednesday

Before Williamsburg’s Jordan Roschwalb came around, the coolest man on planet Earth drove an Aston Martin and talked with a British accent. But now, thanks to Roschwalb’s GQ-endorsed Pintrill, he wears pins.

Yes, that curious accessory that brought together biker gangs, soccer teams and members of the Lions Club, that humbled the brooch’s lofty desires, now threatens to puncture the mainstream stratus.

Trendsetters like musician Theophilus London and fashion director Nick Wooster collaborated with Roschwalb, as well as bigger companies like Nordstrom and Puma. There’s even a rumor going around Justin Bieber seduced Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard sporting the original Pintrill ‘100’ pin at a charity tennis event in Indian Wells.

Roschwalb, who co-founded Pintrill with his girlfriend, credits the brand’s overnight celebrity to the simple idea of ‘pinning’ pop culture references. One pin, a collaboration with October’s All Alone, is of the Drake’s-Tear emoji. There’s also one of rapper YG’s head, as well as vintage Looney Tunes and Super Mario Bros. pins.

“I don’t think it ever left,” says Roschwalb of ‘pin culture.’ “It just wasn’t in the mind’s eye. That’s why I decided to use the pop references. They’re like the new hieroglyphics.”

Pin culture, according to Roschwalb, originated in different subcultures like motorcycling and organized soccer, whose participants accumulated pins and traded them like baseball cards. Roschwalb took that tradition and Miley Cyrus-ed it. In the pin museum the Pintrill pins are like the Warhols.

“Pinning’s something everyone can be a part of,” says Roschwalb. “I ran into a guy on the street the other day wearing this super psychedelic pin. I was like, ‘Oh, yo, cool pin.’ He told me he found two of them in a state cell and his daughter has the other one. I told him about Pintrill and he traded me for a ‘Vibes’ pin. He’s like, ‘Yeah, my daughter will never know.’”

One collection Roschwalb’s currently pushing is a collab with Washington, D.C., visual artist Naturel. For $65 you get three pins, a T-bone steak, cheese eggs, and a bottle of grape juice, rendered in Naturel’s signature ‘shard’ style. The pins reference the lyrics to The Notorious B.I.G. song “Big Poppa”—although Pintrill got its start on the West Coast.

“I was in LA last year looking for something to do,” says Roschwalb. “I loved pins. As a kid my dad had a bike and we’d go to the Harley store where they had pins on the counter. So I came up with the name, got some money, made an Instagram and started production.”

Next up for Roschwalb and Pintrill is the Pin Trading Post at Green Label Live at SXSW Wednesday, March 18th. Come check it out between 2-8 pm at the corner of Trinity Street. Take a pin, leave a pin!

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