PJ Richardson

J Church

“I took inspirations from time spent in Washington DC where friends exposed me to Go-go music. Essentially, the premise of Go-go is to shout out everyone you know, and so I used the bottle canvas to shout out friends, DEW and everything else in between.”

PJ Richardson (Los Angeles, CA)

A true California native, PJ was born in SoCal and grew up in downtown San Francisco, where his affinity for graf and letter forms was born. He spent his earliest years beautifying the local Muni transit system, before a show at a local museum catapulted PJ into the world of fine art. Studied in illustration and computer animation, PJ went on to develop his repertoire of logo, music video and illustration work at his design studio Laundry! which is where DEW found out about his unique style. LAUNDRYMAT.TV

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