Poesia and Geso Take an “Un-Formal” Approach to Painting

Graffiti artists Poesia and Geso are striking out into new terrain. The two will be taking part in a new show going down in San Francisco titled Un-Formal, which is designed for both artists to show the evolution of their hands.

What makes this work “Un-Formal” in particular is not that it is a devolution of what we know as formal painting, but that it stands outside of that realm and creates a conversation not bound by established parameters. This comes naturally to the two self-taught painters, who, over the span of two decades, have emerged as two of graffiti’s most progressive when it comes to style and execution.

In true DIY fashion they’ll also be presenting their work in an alternative fashion. Using different facets of traditional painting and graffiti they have mixed methodologies, substituting oil paints for discounted latex paints, and opting for the use of Masonite panels and un-stretched draping canvases instead of the framed stretched canvases you normally see in traditional painting.

As some already know, Poesia is already well known to many as the founder of Graffuturism.com, a hugely popular graffiti and street art showcasing a new wave of graffiti which explores new ways to represent letters, style, and epic color choices without the strong hip-hop letter influence that come from the subway graffiti movement in New York in the '70s and '80s.

Check out Poesia and Geso’s “Unformal” beginning February 21st at 886 Geary Gallery, located on 886 Geary street in San Francisco.

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