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1. Kendrick Lamar

Was there really any question who would be the number-one rapper in March? While Kendrick was hovering around the middle of the pack in February, March saw the release of his acclaimed and enormously successful new album, To Pimp a Butterfly.

How acclaimed? According to Metacritic, we’re talking the highest-rated album of all time. How successful? How does a number one album in the country and the new all-time Spotify streaming record sound? More important than awards and stats though, Kendrick holds the top spot here because once again he’s set the bar every other artist is going to be measured against, and there are only a small handful of rappers alive who can even dream of touching that bar right now. Even better, K. Dot did it all by taking some real chances, switching up his sound dramatically by embracing hip-hop’s funk roots.

King Kendrick indeed.

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