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9. Yelawolf

It's no surprise that this is Yelawolf's first appearance on our Power Rankings. After the release of his Radioactive album almost four years ago now, the Alabama emcee has largely laid low, only popping up to remind us of his power on offerings like the "Shady Cypher."

But Yela wasn't taking all that time on vacation. He was regrouping, figuring out his next move, working on this new album, and March saw our first taste. With songs like "American You" making some major noise ahead of the album release, it's sounding like Yela might do something more impressive than merely "come back"; he might create an entirely new sound that actually merges hip-hop and country. March was the month Wolf put the game on notice, putting him at the number nine spot in this month’s Green Label Rap Power Rankings.

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