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5. Drake

Admit it. Love him or hate him, hip-hop's just a lot more fun with Drake around. You may only play his music when you're alone, you may just turn him into memes for Instagram, but if you even care about hip-hop a little bit, you're paying attention to Drizzy.

Still, it's hard to put a rapper in the top ten who didn't release a single thing in a month (hence why J. Cole's not here). But wait, what's that? Why... yes ...it's Aubrey Graham's theme music! With just a couple days left in the month word came out that a Drake mixtape was on the way, sending the internet into a frenzy, and he featured on Big Sean's "Blessings" single, which, let's be honest, sounds more like a Drake song Big Sean did a guest verse for. The man said it himself: every song sounds like Drake featuring Drake, especially when Drake's actually featured. If this mixtape actually drops in February it's going to be tough keeping Drizzy out of that number one spot.

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