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7. Jay Z

Like Eminem, in many ways Jay Z’s inclusion here is a bit of a legacy pick. Even without a single song release, isn’t a month in which Jay does nothing but stay married to Beyoncé and run one of the most powerful labels in hip-hop a pretty good month? In fact, we might be tempted to place him higher here, but January was also the month that Funk Flex publicly called him out in an hour long, bomb-laden rant that Hova has yet to respond to.

True, Jay could simply be mature enough to take the high road, but if you want to stay on top of the Power Rankings you’ve got to do some flexing—not just let one of the country’s most popular radio hosts fire shots at will.

If history is any indication Jay will eventually hit back at Flex via a verse, but until then, Hova was closer to the bottom of our top ten than the top.

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