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4. Kendrick Lamar

This was a tough pick because Kendrick did relatively little last month; his only real musical impact was a guest verse on the video for “Autumn Leaves,” which first came out in 2014.

In fact, the news about Kendrick had almost nothing to directly do with him. Wal-Mart mistakenly posted that his highly-anticipated sophomore album would be dropping on January 27, which predictably (almost) broke the internet. It’s not much, but on the other hand, isn’t the fact that Kendrick’s (non-)album release date was more talked-about than almost any other rapper’s actual song proof of Kendrick’s power?

That was a rhetorical question: it does. In January Kendrick wasn’t the king—more like a prince—but just wait until that album actually drops. Add that to his recent TV performances, most notably performing "Untitled" on the final Colbert Report, and you've got a rapper who gets more impact per word than almost anyone.

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