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3. Lupe Fiasco

It’s been a rocky last few years for Mr. Fiasco. On the whole he’s been involved in more Twitter beefs than great songs, and sadly his occasionally erratic behavior has dominated the headlines instead of the music.

Finally though, with the release of his new album, Tetsuo & Youth, this month, that changed. In many ways this was the album fans had been waiting for since Lasers. It’s intelligent without being preachy, experimental while remaining accessible, and perhaps most importantly, re-establishes Fiasco as a top emcee. True, his sales weren’t as high as expected, but take one listen to “Murals” and tell us who would want a piece of him on the mic. We’ll wait.

Like Kanye, it’s almost impossible to predict where Lupe will end up a month from now, but take your January victory lap, Mr. Fiasco—you earned it.

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