Prisma Guitars Turns Old Decks Into New Axes

There isn’t much that can be done with a board that’s on the verge of being “focused,” aside from salvaging your trucks. Let’s just assume that you’re not Haroshi and haven’t been commissioned by the Berrics to craft beautiful sculptures out of forgotten decks. So, what do you do? Nick Pourfard found a solution.

Combining his love for music, skateboarding, and a background in industrial design, Pourfard created Prisma Guitars, a brand that repurposes discarded and out-of-commission skateboards to make guitars with hints of color. Each one is unique.

To complement the guitars, the San Francisco-based company also churns out picks and guitar pick-ups that adhere to the same myriad-color aesthetic.

Check out the full range of products from Prisma Guitars over at their website.

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