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Meet Dee Frosted, Pro Era’s Resident Photographer: Digging Through the Greats

Each week, Green Label invites a visionary photographer, filmmaker, designer or artist to dig through their folios and tell the story of their favorite works. This is: Dee Frosted.

I was already a photographer, doing stuff locally around Brooklyn. A lot of people knew me because I was constantly getting booked for photo shoots, parties, baby showers, so on and so forth. I was working for this company at the time called New York Street Team. My friend in high school told me to make a Twitter, and I remember Joey [Bada$$] wanted me to shoot an event, so we followed each other. When he first sent me his music, he had like three songs. This was back when he was JayOhVee. He wanted me to shoot his first mixtape cover that never came out, it was called New Kid on the Block. I had a little team at the time, and we used to throw parties and stuff of our own, and I went to my guys and was like, “Yo, I want JayOhVee to be down with the team.” They were like, “Nah, no new members.” I was still rockin’ with him though, and every time he’d put out something I’d always promote it. Then once he started Pro Era, he hit me up and wanted me to be a part of it to take all of the photos and handle the visuals.

One day after school, he wanted me to meet the rest of the Pros, so I went up like four stops up to his school. Then the next day, I checked my Facebook page, and I got a bunch of notifications from this secret Pro Era page they’d set up. Then Steez messaged me and was like, “Yo, you’re officially part of Pro Era” and gave me a whole initiation speech. That’s how we rocked from there. Then that’s how it was: Dee got the camera.

Before photography, I wanted to be an image consultant. I originally wanted to do a lot of fashion stuff. When I met Joey and Pro Era, it shifted my whole perspective.

I like to play with the colors a lot. I don’t know if this goes for everybody, but I feel them, literally. I feel like they’re physical. I add colors to give the people the same feeling I had when I took the photo. Color is a way of communicating my original emotion.

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